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create beautiful music using AI


create the perfect sound to tell your story


Whether you want drum beats or acoustic guitar, pop or cinematic music – create your song in seconds using AI.


Ever needed a bit of inspiration?  With the inspire AI plugin, generate chord progressions, beats and melodies inside your DAW. 


For direct access to our AI algorithms you can request API access and seamlessly integrate an existing product or service.

from pop, rock to cinematic music - our AI can help

create a song

Create a new song or variation of an existing one using AI.  Repeat as many times as you like and get a different song every time.

generate audio loops 

Generate new melodies, chord progressions and beats using AI - get a different variation each time in midi, mp3 or wav format.

remix music

Easily edit, remix and download thousands of your loops and song samples covering different styles,  instruments and moods.

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flexible pricing

Subscribe to the plan that works for you and automatically receive monthly download credits. 

what users are saying

Urban Music

BRAVO for the Inspire Vst!! The feeling that you get that this is actually AI building these MIDI notes or WAV patterns together - once I used it, I just knew I was gonna be hooked for hours.  I hope you all know that you all built a Beautiful Gem as this is the Absolute Future!




Pretty solid product.  It's definitely a solid tool to spark inspiration.


I completed a review and demo on this plugin. You can find it here



From what I've seen to date, it's a great product and one I'd highly recommend to anyone looking for an AI assisted composition tool.


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