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Customise your generated songs

Our mission at soundpiece is to make music creation more accessible to everyone. With our trained algorithms, you can specify the mood and style you want, and generate a new song in seconds.

But what if you want your song to be a bit longer, or you want to change the tempo, mood or instruments involved 🤷🏽‍♀️.

Some of our new editing features can help you do so directly online in soundpiece CREATE

  • Adjusting the song length and BPM

  • To get started, SIGN UP for an account & select a pricing plan that works for you.

  • In the CREATE section, generate a new song.

  • Once the song is generated, click the dropdown on the right and select adjust length / bpm.

  • Change the song to your desired length or increase/decrease the tempo as needed by adjusting the BPM.

  • Once you are happy with the adjusted song, just click download to get the audio file. (Each download costs 1 credit so top-up credits as needed).

  • Adjusting notes and instruments

  • As before, generate a new song in soundpiece CREATE

  • Once the song is ready, click the dropdown on the right and select download midi.

  • With the midi file, you'll have full edit control of the song. You can change the instruments used in your favourite DAW (LogicPro, Ableton, or any other) or open the midi file in tools like MuseScore to edit the notes.

  • Adjust the downloaded songs in your own way and even incorporate them into another composition - all royalty free.

That's it. Creating and customising original songs have never been easier Enjoy!

We'd love to hear which new features you would like. Please add and vote for new features here or feel free to get in touch!

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